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Fashion Sustainability

The industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world and not enough attention is being paid to it.

Fast Fashion is in need of a revolution.

52 Seasons

There are 52 seasons in fast fashion!

20% greenhouse gases

20% of global greenhouse gases are from the fashion industry!

4% of global landfills

4% of landfills are filled with textile waste. 99% is recyclable.


Education needs to become truly agile.

Our education systems were designed in the agrarian era with the objective of imparting values and skills of these times onto students. It was slightly modified during industrial times, but no where near the relevance required by our volatile world.


 Today, with access to abundant information through the Internet and Globalisation, the definition of education needs to change too!


Modern curriculums are working towards agility and relevance but it's no small feat to compete with centuries old academia. 

Sustainability Consulting & Community Development

OWE’s in-house team of design-thinkers are constantly innovating across the gamut of social enterprise creation.

Based on Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2018 survey which reveals that organisations are increasingly assessed based on their relationships with their customers, workers as well as communities!  77 % of respondents rated citizenship & social impact as a key measure of success.  86 % of millennials feel that business success should be measured in terms of more than just financial performance.


Projects & Partnerships

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